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My Top 5 Contour Palettes

I can’t believe I used to live my life without contouring. Some people may eye roll at that and think, why are people always trying to change their face? But the thing is, I am not one of those people that contours the crap out of my face, it’s more of a natural contour that I do that just makes my face look glowy and have a little more shape. I spend literally 5 minutes applying my makeup each morning (it’s impossible to take any longer with a 3 year old). So it’s not like I am doing it ‘properly’ I guess, but I have noticed how much nicer my makeup looks with a quick contour and with the right palette. I have a slight obsession with buying contour palettes. I don’t even know why I love them but I just love a new contour palette and love playing with them. I therefore obviously have tried quite a few, so I decided to compile a list (in no particular order) of my favourites, as someone who is a non-professional so that you fellow non-professional or new contourists can see which ones are easy to use and create the best results!


1. Make-up Forever Pro Sculpting Palette – £29

This cream palette was my favourite palette for quite some time. It is great for someone who doesn’t want anything too harsh and brilliant for pale people. this one gave me a nice colour without making me orange as there were no orangey colours in the palette and the contour colour was more of a grey brown than warm brown. Despite it’s size it did last me a long time. The lighter colours/highlight colours really brightened my eyes the most out of all of the other palette and it was great to find one that was light enough for my skin. They do a darker palette too with warmer colours also so you have the option to have a more tanned contour look.


Travel size – will fit in a handbag/makeup bag

Great for fair skin

Good for newbies

Provides a more natural look


2. Anastasia Beverley Hills The original Contour Kit – £40

This powder palette probably has to be my favourite, if I had to pick. My skin always looks really airbrushed and glowy with this palette and it goes on really nice. I haven’t tried their cream palette to compare but I do love the powder one and it seems to stay in place for a long time.  The only thing I wish is that they did a much lighter colour in the palette to brighten areas as my skin is so pale but I still think this is my favourite for my skin looking pretty flawless. The highlighter in there is one of my favourites and really gives you a nice shimmer without it being too much. This palette is quite a good size and lasts a while. If you run out of a colour you can order them separately online.


Gives your skin a flawless look

Highlighter is very pretty

Easy to apply

Can buy the individual colours online

3. Contour Cosmetics Original (size Large) – £42

This cream palette Is good for pros and for non pros. It is good if you really want to sculpt your face quite a bit. I personally find it a little bit too much for me but do use it on occasion when I have an hour or so to spend leisurely getting ready. I have only tried the one colour palette but I am aware they have brought out more which I need to try! The one I had was a little dark for my skin and the contour colours are quite warm, so I think this particular colour palette is better for someone with a bit of colour or warmth, rather than someone like me who is more corpse like! I need to try the other colour palettes to see if there is one more suited to my skin! This palette does take a bit of practice to use as it is very easy to use too much and you need to be able to blend it very well. But once you have the hang of it you will be wowed by the power of this palette. It lasts absolutely ages and has lasted longer than my other palettes with different sizes available and I love their brushes which I would highly recommend getting also. You don’t actually need to wear foundation under the cream makeup as it provides a good coverage and once blended in should cover all of your face.


Great for really sculpting your face

Palette lasts a long time

Amazing contour brushes (you can buy separately)


4. Iconic London Cream Contour Palette – £32.99

This cream palette is another one that can provide a stronger contour if required. I do really like this cream contour palette but again I would say that it needs a little more practice and you need to work out the right amount to put on so that it blends well. I sometimes layer it on a bit too thick and then feel like I have too much on, but it’s all trial and error. The thing I like about this cream palette is that most cream ones seem to be quite warm, however this palette does have quite a good range of colours to suit warm and cooler skin tones. The light colours are actually still nice and light even for someone as pale as myself which is something I normally struggle to find when buying cream palettes. Because you only need quite a small amount the palette does last a long time. I have found that the colour really stays in place too and it gives my face a really fresh look. I do find that it is best to wait for it to dry before going out so that you don’t end up with makeup sitting in creases when talking, smiling and laughing. You don’t have to wear a foundation under this palette as it provides a good coverage (although I still like to sometimes).


Suits most skin tones

Palette lasts a long time

Colour stays in place for a long time


5. Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Killer Cheekbones £82

This powder palette is great for giving a sunkissed look to your face. This palette is a lot more subtle as there are only the two colour options a darker contouring colour and a shimmer highlighting colour. The darker colour isn’t too strong a colour and goes on really nicely and the highlighter is absolutely beautiful on. No matter what palette I use I normally finish my look off with the highlighter from this palette. Whilst it is very pricey it has lasted me many many months and considering lots of palettes that last up to 2 months are £30-£40, this palette over time has worked out cheaper. When the light hits your cheeks with this palette you really do have a lovely glow! The palette is a nice compact size making it easy to carry around with you and has a good sized mirror inside. Unlike some of the other powder palettes this one doesn’t provide much coverage so make sure to use a good foundation with it for a flawless look.


Very easy to use

Very subtle for a very natural look

Compact so can fit in makeup bags

Highlighter is amazing

Palette lasts a long time

With all of these palettes I use smashbox primer underneath to help keep the makeup in place. When I use a foundation I normally use Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder.

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