A Mini Enderman Halloween Costume

It goes without saying that my son is OBSESSED with Minecraft! He is either playing the game on his switch or watching other people play it on youtube! So when I thought about what he should wear for a halloween costume this year I thought, why not a character from the game! Creepers/zombies first came to mind and then I remember seeing this eerie black character with lit up eyes and thought, YES! He hasss to be an Enderman!

I googled ‘Enderman costume’ and I really didn’t get a lot. You could buy a box head which looked a bit rubbish to be honest and was £24.99!! The costume we ended up making cost maybe £10 and had lit up eyes and included everything! There was no way I was paying £24.99 for a box to go on my son’s head so I decided I had to get creative.

Aside from the head, the rest of the costume was just black clothes basically. I spent £1.50 on a pair of black gloves from B&M (can pick them up anywhere really) and we already had black socks. My son wore black plimsoles from his PE kit but any kind of black shoe would do! I then ordered thermal leggings for £3.35 (link here) and a high neck black top for £3.99 (link here) and Oula! 75% of his costume was done!

Ok, so all of the work was in making the head. It only took half a day but in reality it could have taken half that if I knew what I was doing. It was just quite fiddly and I got a few things wrong. One of my mistakes was trying to spray the box black which didn’t look great. The box had writing on and sellotape which showed through the paint. After wasting a full can of paint I had to come up with another idea.

The first thing i did is make sure all of the box was taped up (no sides were left open). I then cut a hole in the bottom for my son’s head to go in. Just make sure it isn’t bigger than the shoulders. Next was cutting the eyes. I drew on the box using a ruler and once happy used a stanley knife to cut them out. I then put the box on my son’s head and worked out roughly where his eyes were and cut out a small gap for him to see. FYI….make sure to take the box head off the child before cutting the view area….

I decided to cover the head in black paper instead of the spray paint. I just glued sheets of paper on which I already had and just cut any excess off. Once the head was all black it was time to add in the eyes. This was very simple again and I just needed 1 sheet of white paper. I folded it in half and glued it down. I then cut this down the middle to give me two pieces. You can draw Enderman block eyes on this and colour in pink/purple or just leave it white. I drew some eyes on but just faint with pink and purple pencils.

I used tape to stick the white paper on the inside of the box to fill the eye gaps. Just make sure any excess paper doesn’t cover the area above, where your child sees through! Next I added the purple LED lights which were £1.49 (link here). Then I put another layer of paper over the lights to make sure that it wasn’t too bright in there for my son’s eyes. I also made sure to tape the on/off control on the inside of the box so he had easy access.

The final part of the costume was just making sure the head fit without wobbling about or falling forwards/backwards. The best way to do this is to fit a smaller box inside that is perfect for their head size. Obviously make sure to cut out a hole for their face so they can see (and breathe). We couldn’t find a perfect fit box wise so ended up just packing it out with millions of bubble wrap. Duct tape seemed to hold most things in place so we didn’t use anything special to secure stuff, just good old tape!

There really wasn’t much to it! It is just totally fiddly and will cause you to swear a good few times. Other than that it’s a fairly easy costume to make and the smile on your kids (or hubby’s) face will be worth it!

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