Making A Comeback! Introducing

It’s good to be back! We are back with a new name, new branding and some new social pages. I introduce to you Lifestyleish! The name just seemed a much better fit that covered everything I post.
I will put links to all pages at the end of the blog.

I was going to write a post all about why I left this blog sitting here. Just collecting dust over the last couple of years or so. A post about what has been going on in my life so far. But there would be way too much to fit in to the one post. So instead I am just going to cover the basics.

Over time I will do posts going back over some big events in my life, the good, the bad and everything in between. So much has happened/changed and I have plenty to tell! But let’s start with the basics shall we?

Today is the 19th May 2023 and the weather is STILL disappointing. We have had some hints of sun but nothing to get excited by yet! Hopefully we get some better weather next month just in time for all of the birthdays!

I am currently now bloody 31 and next month  I’ll be adding another year to that! Goddammit!
I am currently curvier/more squishy than I want to be but have recently started working on it. Got to start somewhere!
I am still working from home and still a complete loner who barely socialises! Some things never change! But I am working on this and have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone more. I decided to pick up my blogging again alongside working as a VA/social media manager and a consultant for a cosmetics brand online. I do also still dabble in a bit of acting/modelling from time to time too!

The family
My son Reid is now 9 and will be 10 this year! I can’t deal! Saying ‘ I have a 10 year old just makes me feel too old!’. He is getting so tall and big and I literally can’t keep up with his growing! We buy him new clothes and within a month they are too small again!

He is gaming obsessed and is now starting to realise I’m not actually that cool.. which is great… Although its always me he comes to if he has a problem with a game or any tech. So I always like to remind him ‘I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom’.

We are starting to get towards that age where more of the awkward conversations need to be had. Which is a new experience for us and all of a sudden I am cringing at how I am not as naturally good at this stuff as I though I would be! We are heading towards the age when body changes, emotions and feelings change. Where kids aren’t just friends with everyone anymore. Where kids can be cruel. New life lessons and so much more! It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be and I know that this is only the start!

Indiana is now 3 and about to be 4 the day after my birthday. She is at nursery and will be starting School in September this year. My baby just doesn’t seem ready for this. She is still so small and babyish to me. Although she is so clever and a good little talker now!

Indie is such a comedian and always has us all laughing. Since starting nursery she has been pretty much ill every day and her attendance is about 50%! She really is struggling with all the bugs and always gets the worst of them, poor thing!

The husband is now 40! Yikes! And we celebrated in style last year with a party followed by an amazing trip! Which I will be talking all about VERY soon!

He is still working in events but now has his own business doing this and we own an events company together. He also started digital drawing as a hobby a little while ago and already has lots of offers of paid work which right now he is not looking to do much of! But his art is great and you will particularly enjoy them if you love Superheroes and movies! Feel free to check out his page here Sie Francis Art.

We have had so much shit happen to us over the years. You just couldn’t write it…but I will still try to write about it as and when I can. Its been tough for us and to be truthful this has affected our mental health, marriage and family as it would anyone. I believe that a lot of relationships wouldn’t survive what we have been through so that says something right? But we still have a lot of work to do to get us back to where we want to be.

Sadly we lost one of our furbabies this year which was really hard to accept. Our beloved pup Tilly was put to sleep in my arms to spare her further suffering. Her poor fur brother really misses her and has never been the same since. It was a horrible experience but I am glad I was there for her in her final moments. RIP little Tilly bear.

So that’s the gist of where we are right now. In a nutshell! I have learned lots more lessons over the years, some good and some bad.
The main thing I’ve learned is just how much I surprise myself all the time with my strength. I also learned that not everyone will stick around or will give back the same effort I give to them. I am trying not to take it personally. I’ve also started holding myself more accountable for certain things in life that I was unhappy with. I am learning to value myself a bit more and break away from those who don’t deserve my attention or time.

But I want to end this with positives that we have had over the last couple of years! I’ll list some below and be back soon to tell you more about them too!

* We went on a dream trip away last year in December as a family
* I hit an incentive with a company I work with and was sent on an all expenses paid luxury trip to Spain last September!
*My brother and sister in law got married last August!
* We have done a couple of family modelling jobs which are so much fun!
* We had some little UK trips away
* We have started decorating our house again
*  When I turned 30 we had multiple celebrations including a big garden party!

There have been many more stories over the past couple of years and I am sure I will remember more and more each day to tell you. I am going to try and get back in to the habit of regularly blogging. It can be hard getting back in the routine again but I do enjoy it when I am back on track with it.


Currently I have 2 Facebook pages. One was called Supermummy Secrets and the other was called Lifestyle Home and Christmas Inspired.

This is what will be happening moving forward. Supermummy Secrets will become my personal page. This will have regular updates and posts that wouldn’t be necessarily a blog post. Blogs will also be shared on here but think of this kind of like my own Facebook timeline for me and my family. It will be named Fran At Lifestyleish.

Lifestyle, Home and Christmas page will become the general social page for the blog and has been renamed Lifestyleish.

I would love for you to follow both but appreciate if you would only like to follow one. I will be posting competitions on them and deals so it is worth being part of the two!

Instagram and Tik Tok is now renamed fran_lifestyleish. Feel free to give me a follow and say hey!

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