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Urban Decay New Fall Range – Review

I am a huge Urban Decay fan and I am excited to be sharing with you the new Fall collection which is now out to buy. The Fall 2015 collection consists of the new Naked Smokey Palette, Matte Revolution Lipstick, Brow Beater Pencil/Brush and Brow Tamer Gel. I was sent the Lipstick, Brow pencil and Brow tamer in different colours to try. The colours are very autumn/winter with lots of darker earthy colours. With different shades of brown being common with the products. They also remind me of an 80’s gothic, vampire style with the dark and shocking colour lipsticks (lots of purple and red), smokey colours for eyes and defined perfected eyebrows. The colours are all very bold and really make a statement.

I received 4 different colour lipsticks to try in colours Matte Blackmail, Matte Bittersweet, Matte Menace and Matte Temper. The colours looked amazing and I was really hoping they would look just as amazing on me and they certainly did. The lipsticks were very thick which meant you only needed a very small amount and I found applying it with a brush worked a lot better. You could tell these colours would last you a while! The colours didn’t feel drying (even when they set) and they didn’t ever go clumpy on the lips. I couldn’t get over how long they lasted, after wearing one colour for a meal and to the cinema without re-applying. My favourite colour was the darkest purple one – Matte Blackmail. I also liked to combine it with Matte Bittersweet to create an ombre lip effect by applying a bit of the lighter colour in the middle of the lips, so the super dark colour was brightened up in the centre. This is definitely my new favourite look. The Matte Bittersweet was a really nice colour on it’s own too and was a really bright pink/purple. The red/orange one was my next favourite – Matte Temper. I love red lipstick anyway and the colour was so exciting and bright. I couldn’t get over how stunning the colour was and how it made my lips look plumper and bigger. The bright pink colour – Matte Menace was a really fun, bright colour and I did love it but I don’t tend to wear bright pink as much as other colours. It did also make my lips look more plump and the colour was so perfect and stayed in place for a very long time. If you like your super bright pink lips then this is 100% the one for you. All the lipsticks were shockingly stunning, they only needed a very small amount to fully cover the lips with no streaks. They didn’t dry out my lips and stayed in place once set. They contain a long list of nourishing ingredients, including a blend of avocado, olive and babassu oils. Shea butter conditions; illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture; and vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants. I will definitely be trying the other colours in the range and think these may be some of my favourite lippys to date. I also really loved the packaging they came in which was cool, sexy and sleek. I didn’t want to throw away the boxes and kept putting my makeup back in the packaging every time I used it!

Brow Beater Micro Fine Brow Pencil and Brush – £15

I was sent two different colours in this – Taupe and Neutral Brown. I have naturally quite dark brown eyebrows so I found the Taupe colour to be a little too light. I used the Neutral Brown which was a good colour for me and I loved how easy the pencil was to use. It was one that you twist up and the colour glided on really well. I could easily create very defined eyebrows and it could be applied on as light or as dark as you want. The brush on the other end of the Brow Beater meant you could style your brows in to place before drawing them in and blend the colour afterwards. It was great to have both the pencil and brush in one product. The pencil, although long, is so thin and barely takes up even a tiny bit of space in your makeup bag which is great although it did mean I kept thinking I had lost it! I can tell the pencil will last me a long time also and it’s great not having to sharpen it with it being a twist-up pencil. The other brilliant thing about this product is that it is waterproof and stays in place all day. It also has lots of moisturising ingredients in it such as vitamin E, argan oil and coconut oil.

Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel – £15

I was sent the Brow Tamer in both Taupe and Clear. The Taupe was a little light for my brows but it was great for when I had drawn in my Brows a bit too dark, on top to lighten them a little. The clear is great for any brow with it having no colour and I really loved this product. The Brow Tamer helps keep your Brows under control! It helps keep hairs in place and keeps the desired shape. It doesn’t feel heavy or make your brows stiff/sticky and provides a good but flexible hold. I seem to have two very different eyebrows which drives me crazy as I can’t seem to get them even. Hair on one brow seems to pont up nearer the top of my nose and the hair on my other brow goes to the side. This brow tamer kept the random hairs on my one brow in the position I wanted them in which kept them both even and perfect. I already drew in my brows but this just raised my brow game and made them look even more defined. It definitely kept my brows in the desired shape all day and not a single hair moved out of place.

All 3 of these products I would recommend you have in your makeup bag! I actually would love to buy the lipstick in every colour as I think they are stunning, bold colours and the lipsticks last for such a long time! I am very happy with how defined and perfected my eyebrows now look since using both the products and now cannot see myself using anything else to shape them. It is important to get the right shade/colour when buying the Brow Beater and Brow Tamer so would recommend visiting a counter to compare the different options available. Plus who doesn’t like trying out the makeup? I recommend buying a brush to apply the lipsticks to create a more flawless look and to avoid having too much lipstick on (meaning the dreaded lipstick on teeth). The products are all also so kind to the skin which I love featuring ingredients like coconut oil, Vitamin E and more. You can definitely see and feel the quality of the products and the packaging alone is rather stunning. Out of everything I tried, the Lipstick in Matte Blackmail combined with Matte Bittersweet was by far my favourite. I just loved the colours together and loved the ombre effect It created by adding the lighter colour to the centre of my lips. If you are going to buy any of the products then I can’t recommend them enough!

You can see the new Urban Decay Fall range online HERE

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