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Beauty Photo Shoot and Actor Headshots

Ages ago I was contacted by a photographer named Graham Kenneth Short about potentially doing a photoshoot. Due to various things going on we could just never seem to find a date to actually get it done but finally last month we managed to find a spare few hours. I had just been sent some lipsticks from Urban Decay to review and as the colours were so lovely and bold, we decided to base the shoot around them and make it a beauty shoot. This meant all photos were pretty much just of my head and shoulders. As well as doing the beauty shots Graham asked if I needed some headshots doing for my acting work as he would like to develop this side of his photography more. I definitely needed some new photos so it was a great project for both of us.

We hired a room in our local community centre as we both lived in the same area which was obviously handy. Graham set up a backdrop and his lights and all photos were shot in front of the one backdrop. For my beauty shots we wanted it to be all about the makeup so I put a strapless top on to leave my shoulders bare and put my hair up. We then did various different shots using 4 different colour lipsticks. 2 colours were used in the first shoot to creat the ombre lip effect and then the others were used separately. My favourite photos were the ones where I wore the red lipstick. Below are some of the photos from the beauty shots

(Click on each photo to enlarge)

The actor headshots were completely different to the beauty ones and were a lot more natural. I scraped off the tonnes of makeup I was wearing for the beauty shoot and changed my clothing. Now one thing I am not as comfortable with is smiling! I hate showing my teeth and doing a cheesy grin, so these photos were particularly difficult for me. The photos turned out really lovely but I still find them difficult to look at just because of my big cheesy grin. The photos were meant to show some personality and make you look confident and obviously appealing to potential casting directors. Below are some of the photos we came out with from the shoot.

I had lots of fun doing this shoot and look forward to working with Graham again in the future. It was my first beauty shoot since having my son and I feel I am ready to get back in to the modelling industry again. I have had some big paid jobs since having my son such as the haven holidays job but haven’t been actively trying to get work so I think I may really get back in to it as well as really going for it with my acting. I am quite proud of myself as after having my son I barely left the house and had put on a lot of weight which led to me losing my confidence. But I worked hard, lost weight and although I am far from how I would like to look, I have got my confidence back, and my life back. My son will always be my number 1 but it was definitely important that I started feeling like myself again.

Graham is a brilliant photographer and has a very impressive portfolio, which you can view online at

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