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Have we found closure? So many emotions

So I haven’t actually posted anything since the post about our baby boy Elijah and what we went through back in March. I have been having a bit of time out to grieve, to focus on my family and to try and get through the tough times. I am keen to write again and post videos as they really do provide some kind of comfort to me. Being able to just write or say everything that is flying around my head constantly actually does me some good. And if people read or watch what I post then that really is a bonus.


If you don’t already know what happened to us recently, then this post won’t make much sense. You may want to check out my previous blog post first and you can find my other post here.

I am not going to write much in this as I feel the video is enough but I will say that I am still feeling so many emotions right now. I have so many thoughts going through my head and my brain is constantly going 100 miles per minute. I am exhausted in every way possible but I do feel like in a way I finally have some closure, whatever that means.


For those of you interested in finding out more about the syndrome mentioned in the video then please feel free to check out this link:

Fatal Multiple Pterygium Syndrome



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