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6 Top Kitchen Must-Haves for Autumn!


With me buying my first home last year I am still trying to add bits here and there to make it exactly how I want it. I do end up buying things unnecessarily and impulse buy, so I decided to focus on one room at a time and do a bit of research first. I am focusing on the kitchen right now and I am sharing with you the must have items I have discovered for Autumn. I scoured the internet for some of the weird and wonderful creations out there, making life that little bit easier in the kitchen. I am a terrible cook so I do rely a lot on gadgets and appliances! I don’t know how I can actually fit much more in my kitchen, but It doesn’t stop me trying! Check out below some of my favourites:

1. Breville Crepe Maker £29 – I actually have one of these and I swear it is amazing! It makes perfect pancakes/crepes every time…although did take a bit of practice to begin with.


2. Electric Breakfast Sandwhich Maker £20.20– This is perfect for those who don’t have time to spend ages doing a cooked breakfast on a morning. It is also brilliant to have in the office and to take places with you. This gadget is brilliant for autumn as it starts to get colder on a morning!


3. Bread Maker from Panasonic – Featuring Artisan, Sourdough and Scone modes as well as a Fruit and Nut Dispenser, making bread has never been so innovative! There are some amazing Bread machine recipes from Panasonic available on their website also. Nothing beats the smell of freshly made bread!



4. Vegetable holder £2.10 – This may be small but it is super useful! It makes life so much easier and although it looks like something that you would use to brush your hair it is actually a handy little kitchen gadget.



5. Philips 9240 Airfryer £230 – Although the price tag is pretty high, it is well worth the money. This Airfryer has been coming out on top in reviews and is definitely better for those trying to cut down on the amount of fat they eat.

6. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Drop – This is one sexy looking machine! The Dolce Gusto Machines are very popular and most people have one in their Kitchen. This machine comes in different colours and currently if you order from Tesco Direct you can actually get £10 off!



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