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Zapatista Burrito Bar Review


I have recently started reviewing local restaurants on my blog (many of which have branches in other areas). It’s not that I didn’t review them before it’s just that I didn’t have much time originally to actually  go out and try the food. I am now however really enjoying the opportunity of trying new places and I love food so it is the perfect thing for me to review on here. Plus we all love a good photo of yummy food creations.

I was invited to try Zapatista Burrito Bar in Newcastle, which I had never actually been to before. There are actually two branches in Newcastle and I was invited to the one at Grainger street, you can see the exact locations on their site here. I love Mexican food but my problem is that I am a rather fussy eater and worry that there is stuff I don’t like in the food. I hate being picky and asking for them to make something without certain things in it, it is always pretty embarrassing. What I didn’t actually realise about this place is that it is like a Mexican ‘Subway’ in the way that you choose your food. There is a big counter with all of the ingredients displayed and it couldn’t be more perfect for a picky person like me. I actually got to choose what was in my food and it was so simple and fast. With you receiving your food the second it is made in front of you it’s perfect for those who don’t have long to grab a bite to eat or for parent’s with very impatient hungry little ones.

I ordered a burrito but did contemplate ordering the nachos which did sound amazing. The Mr ordered the nachos and for the kids you had fajita with a choice of filling (chicken, pulled pork etc.) and you could choose a rice to go with it plus it came with some tortilla crisps. I chose chicken for him and some cheese with plain rice as I know what he is like with his food at times. I was slightly nervous as it was a bit different to things he normally has and the fact that he could make his own wrap could have been a disaster but actually it was genius and kept him entertained for ages. I also had fun helping him create his wrap which ended up scrumpled up in his hands like paper being shovelled in. Anyone with a toddler will know it is very hard to get them to fake when they don’t like something so when I saw him very obviously enjoying the food I had to get it on camera!

My burrito was huge and so so tasty. I opted for lots of the Milder ingredients but you could choose to go super spicy or no spice at all and they really do fill it full. I have to say, although I was really enjoying my burrito (trust me I was) I did get food envy looking at the Mr’s nachos! I don’t think I have ever seen him go so quiet and eat something so fast in my life and that is saying something. He may have known I was looking to pinch some so that could be why. It had the proper poury cheese sauce on them and he even opted for extra cheese on top, just because, well, why not! You still got to pick a topping and beans, salsa and more. These guys make seriously good nachos! The fact that you get them straight away certainly is a plus and is my new fav place to go right before going for some drinks in town, or for a easy quick lunch.

We also hadddd to order the Sangria as I am such a Sangria fan and I was praying it would be good and my God it was. It was such a good price at £14 for a jug which got you a good few glasses each and I thought was an absolute bargain! It was perfectly chilled and tasted like the ones they serve in restaurants in Spain! I was in food and drink heaven and the greedy monster in me almost ordered some nachos as well!! I did get to pick at the little guys left overs which really did taste good too (don’t judge me!) and I remembered that they wanted us to try out their brand new Churros. I hadn’t had Churros in years but was thoroughly looking forward to these. My little man was extremely excited and kept asking the waitress nearby when his cake would be ready. They were to die for and knowing I have a seriously sweet tooth, the Mr said I could have the spare one (that is true love right there).

I really enjoyed our food, the experience was amazing and so easy and pleasant. Probably one of the highlights for me was the fact that I discovered they did chairs for toddlers as well as high chairs. These chairs were bright in colour, plastic, and had higher legs and was a perfect size for little bums. He loved that he didn’t have to sit in a high chair and he was in a ‘big boys chair’. That is the first place I have been to that I have ever seen them and I wish to God all restaurants offered the chairs. It was such a nice touch and I loved just how child friendly it was in there. I also loved the decor inside and downstairs was so different to the upstairs and middle floor area. The downstairs area was more like a restaurant with tables and chairs but had a really cool superhero themed wall which proved very popular with my boys. The other floors had a more bar feel to it with the high tables and stools, I loved the laid back environment.


One thing I noticed when having a look around (maybe it is because I am a mum) was how clean and immaculate it was, despite the quirky interior it really was kept spotless and could put some of the more expensive restaurants to shame. When you find somewhere that is popular with students you expect that it will be ‘well used’ but you could see every member of staff was working hard and the appearance of the bar reflected this. The staff were also very friendly and welcoming which also made the experience even better and we agreed that we would 100% be returning. The prices were so reasonable there too and I was actually surprised at how much we got for the price. I have already been recommending this place to everyone and look forward to my next visit there hopefully in the near future!

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