Our Beautiful Save The Dates!

Lots of people think save the dates are unnecessary with sending out invitations for the Wedding. I tend to agree if you can send the invites out in enough time but sometimes they are a good idea to buy you a bit more time. We got engaged in September 2016 and we booked our wedding for summer (during the summer hols) in 2017. That means we already had less than a year to start planning the wedding. As soon as we sorted our venue and date, I decided letting people know as soon as possible before they book holidays was a good idea. We couldn’t send out invites yet as we hadn’t sorted everything out yet but we could send save the dates. I didn’t feel it necessary to spend fortunes on them with us also sending out invites at some point but I also wanted something nice to send as this is the first thing people see to do with your wedding.

It took me quite some time to find save the dates that I wanted. I saw lots of different styles but lot of the ones I liked came from China and I didn’t want to wait that long. I wanted something cute and pretty that sort of related to my Wedding style and ‘theme’. I didn’t want anything too obvious and wanted something a bit different. After searching for a good couple of weeks I found something perfect! It was also a magnet which I loved as it meant it could be stuck on the fridge and therefore easy for people to remember the date. They were very small and simple but I loved that as I wanted it to be the littlest bit of hint of what is to come. The invites did take longer than I hoped they would to come but quicker than coming from China.


If you are interested in buying these for your own wedding then you can buy them from ebay


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