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Supermummy Secrets Milan Fashion Week Trip

So this vlog should have been posted months ago! I can’t tell you the huge amount of relief I felt once I finally uploaded it to Youtube. The reason it has taken so long is because I have had problem after problem with the editing. I am not going to lie…it isn’t my best work but I did have to settle in the end. It is however, a good reflection of our time there and whilst it is still almost an hour long, It has been cut right down from about 5 hours worth of footage!!

The trip was actually something I won online! I always hear of people winning holidays and once in a lifetime trips but never in a million years did I ever think I would win! The competition was through Paramount last year for the release of the new Zoolander movie. The trip was 4 nights in Milan with all travel and accommodation provided. It also included some Fashion week experiences such as an official fashion week fashion show and a champagne party for a designer. So as you can imagine I was beyond excited and also panicking at the same time as to what on Earth to pack clothes wise!

Milan will always have a very special place in my heart as whilst we were there my boyfriend (and father of our son) of 5 years proposed to me! He knew it would be a missed opportunity if he didn’t and it was a complete surprise for me! I have so many amazing memories when I think about the trip, from the fashion week experiences to visiting Bellagio at Lake Como. The whole trip really did feel like a dream come true. We had some pretty comical moments and some brilliant ones but coming back engaged was the best thing ever!!

You can check out our photos from the trip below, but make sure to watch the vlog above! Pour yourself a cup of tea (or wine), grab some popcorn and watch our fun filled trip and what we got up to, with plenty of laughs!


Lake Como

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