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    A Mini Enderman Halloween Costume

    It goes without saying that my son is OBSESSED with Minecraft! He is either playing the game on his switch or watching other people play it on youtube! So when I thought about what he should wear for a halloween costume this year I thought, why not a character from the game! Creepers/zombies first came to mind and then I remember seeing this eerie black character with lit up eyes and thought, YES! He hasss to be an Enderman! I googled ‘Enderman costume’ and I really didn’t get a lot. You could buy a box head which looked a bit rubbish to be honest and was £24.99!! The costume we…

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    Blogging for Emmas Diary

    I am delighted to have my first article featured on the super popular parenting site, Emmas Diary. The article is about exercising in pregnancy and features the well known skin care brand Palmers. You can view the article here. I look forward to writing more articles soon and to continue working with such an amazing site that has helped me numerous times since having my kids. From saving me money with exclusive discounts to parenting advice and freebies. If you are a new mum and you aren’t signed up to the site then make sure to get signed up straight away and collect your freebie bags with goodies and discounts…

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    Pop Snotz Unboxing

    I am definitely a big kid at heart. For some reason I love all kids things that are gooey and squishy and I could sit and play with them for ages. There are so many options now and the likes of slime and squishies and those squishy ball things that have glitter inside, its all the rage now so there is loads out there. My son has all these fantastical things to play with and has a full box of these kinds of toys (you can never have enough of course). I received an email asking if I would like to receive a new item called pop snotz and of…

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    The Best Birthday Present Ever!

    I am quite behind on posting this update however I have had a lot going on to say the least! It was my birthday not long ago on the 13th June and I turned 28. Aside from the fact that I was now only 2 years off being 30 there usually isn’t really anything special about a 28th birthday. Mine however, was very special and one I will always remember! Why was it so special? Because of this little beauty in the photo below! Her name is Indiana Rose Francis and she was born at 5.20am on 14th June weighing 7lb11 and she is our beautiful new daughter. Let me…

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    Am I In Labour?!?!

    The last couple of weeks have been a little bit terrifying! I mean, I never expected to go for a routine scan at the hospital and then still be there 4 days later! I was only in my 34th week of pregnancy and I hadn’t even packed a bag or brought anything useful with me. Just my little shoulder bag with some makeup in and my bank card. But there I was in hospital 4 days later with what appeared to be contractions! I am not talking about the odd random braxton hicks that are a tad uncomfortable. I am talking about painful tightenings/period pains that started on Wednesday evening…

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    The Perfect Baby Shower

    It was my baby shower the other weekend! What an amazing day I had! Was it totally over the top? Yes! Was it cheap? Hell no! Was it worth it? 100%! I decided after the totally shit year I’d had and going through the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life with my little Elijah, I would have an awesome baby shower this time around. I never got to have one with Elijah with having him at 21 weeks. This pregnancy has been extra stressful for me too. Worrying constantly that this baby will have the same genetic condition that our baby boy had. Being told that…

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